Honest Pricing

No legacy is
as rich as honesty

William Shakespeare

We believe that it is important for you to know what you are paying for. Because honesty is liberating and empowering.

In a socially conscious world, it is very easy to know what’s worth what and why. It gives you a sense of security to know the real story, as much as it gives us a sense of pride to know that our brand and our business empowers people with knowledge and truth that they can associate with their purchases. Most importantly, we feel it is our responsibility to share the values we live by.

What does it take to make every Showstopper creation?

From the safety pins to the threads, embellishments, and the tags, we invest in long
hours of deep thinking, strategy, hard labor, and finally arrive at a masterful
creation that you would find in your closet someday.

Our honest pricing policy

NO Brand Name Markup

Since we make our products with our own branding, you only pay for what you get – quality and exclusive designs. Every other cost that comes with it, is our headache, really!

50% savings

NO leftover inventory

Planning is something we take seriously and are proud of. With a thorough study of our demand and our planned inventory management, it is easy to forecast how much we need to make. That means, there is no excess production with leftover stock and thus, no material wastage.

58% savings

NO middlemen
(or women)

Every Showstopper clothing is designed and manufactured in-house, without any dealers, wholesalers, etc. That gets rid of the unnecessary layers of costs that typically happen
in the manufacturing business.

15% savings

NO brick & mortar setup.

Being digital-first is not just the need of the hour but also cost-saving. The new-gen shoppers are online, so are we. And thus we have forgone the hefty costs that come with a physical store

32% savings
Thus we help you save 58% on every piece of Showstopper creation

That’s how we maintain the actual price of the product, created with
relentless effort, time, and human resources.