My Story

The days I feel the lowest, I dress the brightest. That’s when my clothes become an emotional outlet.

I am a proud mum of twin boys and a marketing professional. With a home, husband, and children, I am just like any other working woman out there. As a working mother, I feel guilt, fault and responsibility. I work too much, I don’t get to spend enough time with my twin boys, with my husband, with myself. It never ends, it never starts. After the birth of my boys, I had to deal with post-partum depression and losing my parents. It was mentally and emotionally exhausting and challenging.

I compartmentalized everything. I felt low and depressed. I constantly sought some kind of assurance that everything would be ok. Then, a revelation; the more we value things outside our control, the less control we have. I started to focus on things that I could control and do for myself.

I had a realization that what I wore represented who I am and what I wanted to feel. It started to become that one thing I could control, that would drive me.

Becoming a mother, my body went through some obvious changes. Trending styles and their brands became irrelevant for me. With my below-average height and not the “perfect” body type, I struggled to find the right style – something that would speak to me, reflect who I am. The whole idea of “fashion” had become a challenge. I realized that if I’m going through this, then many mothers and women are also going through the same struggle.

My curiosity and research brought me to the conclusion that an ‘every woman’s clothing brand’ didn’t exist. So, I created one. Showstopper.

Hope my little endeavor touches your life!

Ruchika Hassan

CEO of Showstopper

Who is a Showstopper?

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Showstopper is about making every woman fashionable and comfortable with their style. Empowering women from within by addressing societal issues, creating instant recognition, and instilling self-confidence.

The story of Showstopper is not just my story, but the story of every woman - whatever her role in the world might be. We are all looking for that one thing every day that tells us we are being heard. We represent that voice which tells the world that each one of us is a Showstopper. A Showstopper is not just on the runway ending the show with a bang, but each one of  us, living in the real world, among real people. We drive change, motivate, uplift, support, bring hope, and empower the world, making a little difference, every day, in our own little way.

We are all showstoppers. 

We, Get Up. Dress Up. Change the World.

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Inspiring hope in a cynical world might be the most radical thing you can do

Jacqueline Novogratz

What we have learned…

In our journey, we have learned and realized that beyond the basics, what we need, and desire, is to be empowered. Because that’s what makes us more human and connects us to this incredible world around us.

Our clothes are our second skin. They make you feel empowered.

The idea of empowerment is often misunderstood. While it means lifting others and helping people fulfill their wants and needs, it is still a small part of what empowerment means in its true sense. It is not just on the outside but also within us.

It is these four pillars that Showstopper stands for and finds its ground on, so we can keep building an amazing world around us.

What we believe…

Every good thing takes time and effort. Our artists, designers, and artisans spend long hours of research in visual learning, color theory, fashion psychology, coupled with the intricate craftsmanship of fine embroidery and the story of every design.

Every piece of Showstopper creation is passionately and meticulously crafted, so you experience meaningful and classic styles that are comfortable, luxurious, and responsibly made.